We are always keen to recruit new volunteers and have a variety of tasks which volunteers can perform. We like to get our volunteers involved at all levels, and the tasks you undertake will be suited to your skills and interests.

Some of the positions include:

> Volunteering at events – where you get hands-on experience in event running, talking to carers and creating a positive environment in which they can relax. The events always include activities and an excellent vegetarian lunch from the centre’s own cafe.

> Event Organisation – organising the events involves creating different documents for the events such as floorplans, hospitality sheets, facilitation notes and so on, as well as phoning the carers and updating the booking form spreadsheets.

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We always welcome new input and ideas around the programme, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Repaying The Kindness is a growing organisation and keen to increase the scope of our project. If you have any experience in marketing and funding strategies this could really help us to offer better support to full time carers!