The Board of Courthouse Community Centre

Courthouse Community Centre is a company limited by guarantee and registered charity (no. 1091604). It works to improve the conditions of life in particular, but not exclusively in Greater London and the surrounding area. Although it works alongside and shares facilities with Jamyang Buddhist Centre, its projects and services are designed for and open to all members of the community. Its Repaying the Kindness project supports carers by offering a wide range of respite days with relaxation and social sharing techniques. For nearly 10 years, this project has brought welcome respite to carers mainly from the Lambeth and Southwark areas. Plans are being developed to extend the range of people and activities offered.

Members of the Board

Robin Bath

Robin has been with Jamyang Buddhist Centre since its beginning in 1978. He was a founding Trustee, when it became a registered charity in November 1982 and has been on the Board of the Courthouse Community Centre charity during its 10 years of existence. A professional graphic designer with many practical and creative skills, Robin focuses on enhancing the centre’s physical fabric, public presentation and nurturing the maintenance of good relationships between students, staff, volunteers and the general public.

Ros Boughtflower

Ros is a strategic consultant and facilitator of personal and social change within a wide range of major NGOs, charities, local and national government departments, and businesses, both corporate and small. She holds an Action Inquiry-based Masters Degree in Responsibility and Business Practice from the University of Bath, has qualifications in International Business Studies, Coaching and advanced Facilitation and a Diploma from the Chartered Institute of Marketing. She is a trustee for Womankind an international women’s development charity promoting human rights. She helps support staff at the centre and helps with school and college visits to Jamyang.

Roy Gillett

Roy started work in the City of London, becoming an Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute. In his late 20s, he gained a Batchelor of Education degree at London University, and then taught English and became an upper school house master. After this he focussed his career upon personal counselling, computer support in the specialist software used in his counselling and writing several books, articles and broadcasting on social issues. In the time between these commitments, he has offered 47 years of voluntary service to a wide range of student, trade union, alternative associations and the FPMT since it pre-founding years. He has organised numerous seminars and conferences. Roy is Chair of Courthouse Community Centre Board.

Stephanie Hill

Stephanie has been involved with Jamyang Buddhist Centre for almost fifteen years and connected to FPMT for twenty. Having spent most of her professional life in education, she currently teaches academic study skills to both native and non-native adult learners in London based universities. She gained an MA in Applied Linguistics at Kings College University and is an examiner for the University of the Arts, as well as a materials writer for some of the courses she teaches. She is about to start teaching for Jamyang on its Buddhist Meditation 101 courses and was previously involved in the organising and leading of the short, intensive Nyung Na purification practice. A strong supporter of the healing arts, she has trained successfully to a professional level in the Japanese body work, Shiatsu-do, as well as being a keen practitioner of Ashtanga yoga.

* FPMT is the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition, founded in 1984. As well as fostering scholarship and teaching in the Gelugpa tradition of Tibetan Buddhism in more than 150 centres throughout the world, many FPMT centres give wide-ranging community support in establishing schools, hospice and carers support, prison visiting and a wide range of other similar projects. See