Since 2001 we are a core project of Courthouse Community Centre a.k.a. CCC (charity no. 1091604) and are dedicated to making the lives of carers more joyful and balanced. We have constantly been offering breaks for carers in the Lambeth and Southwark area and have approximately served around 200 carers a year.

The project is run with part time office staff and a team of dedicated volunteers who support us with admin work, mail-outs and of course during the event days. RTK would be lost without the huge support all our volunteers offer.


History of RTK

The first spark that initiated RTK was the realisation that carers really need some quality time out. The organisation has always been small and offers a person centred approach caring to each carer as an individual. As the program continued repaying the kindness became a project of the community courthouse centre. repaying the kindness has always tried to be authentic in its programs and really listen to what the carers want, in this way we have survived the past 10 years and managed to provide a quality service the carers in Lambeth and Southwark.