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Vision and Mission

Repaying The Kindness (RTK) developed from a desire to repay the kindness of those who care, without payment, for a sick or disabled family member, partner or friend.


Our vision for carers is that they will be: better recognised in their caring roles; less isolated; better able to deal with the stress involved in caring for a loved one; and have a readily available support system in times of crisis.


We aim to improve the emotional and physical well being of carers by providing them real breaks, offering: stress reduction techniques, mutual support and fun, and inspiring activities in our relaxing and nurturing environment at Jamyang Buddhist Centre.

Who are carers?

At RTK when we talk about carers we mean: anyone who cares (without pay) for a loved one, family member, friend or neighbour suffering from mental and/or physical health problems. The amount of caring and the caring tasks involved varies from person to person. Apart from practical caring tasks, such as feeding, washing, shopping, dealing with heaps of bureaucratic paper- work and much more, a big part of caring is offering endless love, friendship, patience and tolerance (in other words – emotional support).

When we say carers “without pay”, we mean someone who does not get paid to do this. We don’t consider Carers Allowance as a wage: if this were the case, a carer would only earn £1.54 per hour! This is far below the minimum wage.

Carers UK will be able to tell you more about how to apply for Carers Allowance. www.carersuk.or/Infomation/Financialhelp/CarersAllowence.

What does RTK offer Carers?

RTK offers respite breaks for adult carers in Lambeth and Southwark.

This usually means: someone comes for a few hours to take care of the person who needs caring and the carer has some “free hours”. Most of the time though, things that need to be arranged outside the house (meeting a welfare officer, going to the shops etc) will take priority and the carer doesn’t really get a break.

When carers come to RTK events our aim is to give you a real break in a day or evening. Carers are VIPs at RTK and apart from offering high quality activities with professional workshop leaders, we always offer a delicious homemade lunch or snack prepared by the famous in-house cooks at Jamyang Buddhist Centre. During the event there is also always plenty of time to have tea/coffee and chat to other carers. Our friendly team of event volunteers is at hand to take your coat, offer you tea/coffee and serve you lunch or just chat as much as you like. Sometimes, though carers just want to be quiet and sit in the garden, this is all fine as it is your day and you can do whatever you like!

We are based in the beautiful Victorian Old Courthouse, which has been transformed into a Buddhist Centre and carers often describe the Centre as a tranquil oasis in busy London.


The daytime and evening events we run are a real chance to relax, meet other carers in similar situations and learn new skills while taking part in fun activities. Mostly it is a break from daily caring duties and a time to think about your own well-being.


Our events include activities such as: Tai Chi, Yoga, music, art, creative writing, bread making, garden parties, mindfulness sessions, cinema evenings, seasonal outings (eg gardens, galleries) and more. Have a look at the events calendar to see what activities are on right now.

NOTE: Because we are a small charity we don’t have the capacity to arrange someone to take care of the person you care for. We do aim to work with other organisations that are able to arrange this for you.